, I dont know how you made those Twitter things but I need to see one between Ash and Johnny, please. ". I don't really know what I'll be doing yet. Cover art credit gose to knewyouwereweird on Tumblr ! 5.understanding. 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Once their latest show (Out Of This World) had been on tour, every William (Me) gets teleported into the Sing world after Buster Moon wants to use his album in a play. The story of a girl who will tear down her own happiness just to rebuild her dreams from the rubble, she will sacrifice everything to take, and keep, her prince. Miss Crawly ( Garth Jennings) The hilarious and intensely loyal Miss Crawly is Buster Moons assistant as well as an adept music teacher. johnny: thank you for your time. Jhonny and nooshy fanart p1popyut 3 1 Sing 2 fanart nooshy and Jhonny p1popyut 3 3 Christmas buddies Johnny and nooshy aliciamartin851 4 11 Happiness For Nooshy TigressLanzhu 5 3 Sing johnny and nooshy relaxing part 2 aliciamartin851 3 0 I ship it Johnny and nooshy from sing aliciamartin851 11 3 Jhonny and nooshy fanart p1popyut 1 0 Best . - johnny borrows ryans sweater and goes out wearing it only to find ryans ipods still inside the massive pockets. No guarantees that I'll update more than 2 chapters this month though. Written by MISTIVAL2 & Edited by Foxy Amaterasu; And at that same moment, Porsha knewshe would be alright." heres just a short one for a start where ash, nooshy and meena are fussing over johnnys broken ankle while he decides to be a stubborn child. I believe Johnny and nooshy are going to get together because in the movie they song a song by Shawn Mendez called there's nothing holding me back which in the song there is a lyric saying, I love it when you go crazy Baby theres nothing holding me back, And they are very similar in socialality wise 1.both are very upbeat people, 2.both are performers and have a passion for it. Duets: In And Out Of Harmony by Appending Fic. Also featuring Jimmy Crystal, young Boba Fe (Y/N) loved the movie sing. - well, its about damn time you two got together!. Buster moon and the others are invited to a gala in redshore city. more rent-free headcanons of my favorite ship in the sing franchise that live in the corners of my tiny teenage mind: ryan and johnny: *actively making out on the couch*. - they never hurt like theyre supposed and both johnny and ryan find them funny. Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint | Hidden Character 63 pages 9 months ago Luciel nooshy: hi, i'm nooshy. Nooshy ( Sing) Big Daddy ( Sing) Johnny ( Sing) Ruby Calloway ash has a child Clay Calloway is a good person Big Daddy will kill for the entire theatre troop Rosita knits can't convince me otherwise Clay and Ash have chemistry Ash's child has cerebral palsy Ash was many things to many people-to her parents and her community, she was a failure. buster: fascinating! Well more like a spin-off. sing 2 johnny x nooshy fanfiction. {SOME CHAPTERS ARE UNDER " , . Howling Under The Moon by Elcee The Porcupine, Road To Recovery by SilverflowerXRavenpaw, in a sky full of stars, think i saw you by 1FantasticBeastThatYouCantFind, Breakdancing and Romancing by Puppies and Nightlock, I Knew You Were A Weirdo by Designation M. Duets: In And Out Of Harmony by Appending Fic. If there is any 'har (Taking place after Sing 2) After the events of Sing 2, the Moon Theater gang have been a big success! johnnys excuses for getting ryan to hold his hand: johnny: hey, my hands are cold, can you warm them up for me? However, due to a set of unfortunate circumstances, she is unlikely to be paid. I felt something different inside me.." Will William get love in the Singverse or will the government, yakuz Hello! johnny: *struggling to retrieve something from the kitchen cupboard because hes short*, johnny: *gasps dramatically* HOW DARE YOU INSULT THE VERTICALLY CHALLENGED, johnny (ten seconds later): *sighs in defeat* help meee. The Moon Theater cast is invited to a big theater event in Redshore City, where the show "Out of This World" is up for Best Musical of the Year. Buster Moon snapped awake, crying out into fhe darkness as he shot up from his pillow. - ryan comes up from behind him with johnnys favorite cup of tea, kisses him on the head, and wishes him a good night. I fell in love with this ship, where a kind gentle singer meets a wild confident dancer. im going to be completely honest here, make a disclaimer first and i will not sugarcoat itjohnny will die in this fic. She let the devil in, because she had a child. The opening sequence in ", Klaus Kickenklober is the secondary antagonist of. (by the way this is not a ship oneshot, nada, nothing like that. His heart was beating wildly against his chest. Read to find out. Johnny x Nooshy one-shot fluff pieces. . The story takes place three month "have you ever seen that?" I don't know how to draw but still i somehow also do sing but I'll still do go Jetters. - ryan tells horrible puns and johnny groans every time he says one (but johnny will never admit that he secretly thinks theyre funny). It means so much to me. Nonetheless, sh. the voice came quietly, almost as if he couldn't accept what he just saw. Part 1 of a Longer Series. And they are very similar in socialality wise 1.both are very upbeat people. All characters are 18+ in this story.). About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators . requests are closed! this story contains major character death, rather graphic descriptions of wounds, the works (not too graphic since im bad at descriptions). Show more featured A Girl, A Gorilla, and A Piano. oculus frame dropped due to encoder backup, briggs and stratton spark plug cross reference, student exploration fingerprinting gizmo answer key pdf, ginny cheats on harry with dean fanfiction, which story idea best fits the traditional definition of tragedy, bittitan could not be authenticated due to the graph service client, adeptus mechanicus codex 9th edition pdf vk, unable to update sonarr directly update the docker container to receive the update, used appliances for sale by owners near alabama, the wise manx27s fear kingkiller chronicle, Below, we've rounded up a complete list of all the songs in ". A week since his group's adventure to Red Shore City. johnnyxnooshy 3 Stories Sort by: Hot # 1 Nooshy X Johnny One Shots by Witchcraft Blossom 242 4 5 I fell in love with this ship, where a kind gentle singer meets a wild confident dancer. There's just one hitch: They must persuade the world's most reclusive rock star, Clay Calloway, to join them. :D, you know were gonna be legends (johnny centric). this is a fanfic about you and Clay Calloway Taken place while Buster moons crew performs the Y/n had a relationship with Mr. ". ryan: *grins evilly* did it hurt when you fell for me. johnny: hey, i just learned how to read palms. johnny: *rolls eyes cutely* let me guess, when I fell from heaven? Just one problem: after pitching an idea for a show with Clay Calloway with no way of knowing where he is, they have Y/n had a relationship with Mr. We'll catch up." "You better, you're paying," Nooshy laughed before slipping away. I'm not a furry, I swear. I'm bored. 3.very relaxed and chill. Crystal, wants a new life. So I'm writing anot Paris Crystal is the wife of Jimmy Crystal and the stepmother of porsha Crystal who been known by everyone as the Princess of Redshore city This is her life married to J This goes along with Sing 1. Like her hugs and her voice. Nooshy has a talk with Johnny about feelings. (All characters are 18+, graphic sex in first chapter only; others are fluffy romance). or, buster finds johnny crying at the theater at night and offers him some useful advice along with a friendly reminder. Ash was many things to many people-to her parents and her community, she was a failure. For the first time in her life, she has help, even if the help comes from her own crush. Shortly after the events of Red Shore City, Porsha has to fight her inner demons to rebuild her life under her new guardian, Buster Moon. Also nooshy helps Johnny for 2 days practice dancing. Recommended by: TheCoolKat1995; Status: Complete He just couldn't understand why Nooshy continued to run or what it would take to just get her to slow dow Nooshy is Johnny's dance coach, his friend. Completed sing2 ash rosita +7 more # 4 - . When the world (Y/N) was living in suddenly combined with the world of the novel he had been reading, he quickly realizes that he must use all the knowledge he obtained from the novel to survive. i think ive recently been baking too much angst, so ive decided to write a bunch and bunch of fluff and drabblesgonna take a bunch of requests if i do get any as well, just give me whatever prompt or summary and ill write one of these for you! This story talk about also of the childhood of Porche Crystal and after spring Mr.Moon show. A young skunk named Steff works as a waitress at her parents' caf, dreaming of becoming a singer one day and living up to her late grandma. I fell in love with this ship, where a kind gentle singer meets a wild confident dancer. Sing 2 (Johnny X Jamie) by Jamie 82.4K 1.4K 48 Buster Moon and his cast are going to Redshore City! Also nooshy helps Johnny for 2 days practice dancing. But, these are just random ideas I had. The story of a girl who will tear down her own happiness just to rebuild her dreams from the rubble, she will sacrifice everything to take, and keep, her prince. - sometimes johnny will be up late working on a new song or new choreographed dance. Three planned for now, but maybe more later, after I finish the epilogue for Cadence's story and start her next one! He frantically grabbed his pajama shirt and clutched his chest. Crystal for a very long time.. but ended up leaving without him knowing. Since he's power I made a promise to protect you y/n With Jimmy Crystal incarcerated and Out of This World taking Redshore by storm, it seems all of Busters dreams are coming true. also, i am currently dying for a good johnny angst prompt at the moment (really, any type of angst is fine) so if you guys have any ideas for one, please let me know? A story about johnny and ryan (sing 2) growing theyer relationship and realizing that there love for eachother Y/N, a backstage worker at Crystal Entertainment, has a hidden talent and a faraway dream to be on stage instead of backstage, and he thought that getting into the produ William (Me) gets teleported into the Sing world after Buster Moon wants to use his album in a play. Pairing: Johnny/Ryan; Comments: A charming alternate take on "Sing 2" from Johnny's perspective, that dives deep into his character and builds up his relationships with Ryan and Nooshy well. "Where were we?" Johnny asked before Ryan leaned down and captured his lips in a kiss. he was even a popular singer back in his time that is until one day he wakes up in a strange new world that he recognizes when he was on his Penelope Humphrey hadn't seen much of Buster Moon since he purchased the theater. UPDATE: Finally updated. After some gentle ribbing get's out of hand, Nooshy learns something new about Porsha. OC x Klaus, About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How, Go and give them a followed for being a talented artists! "At that moment, Buster swore to himself that he would be the father Porsha deserved. Sing 2 (Human Johnny x Reader) by Bleh. and ryan is my boyfriend., - w-wait, what? is it one of those younger generation slangs? The kiss could have lasted for light years but it was still over too soon. You know I don't make promises to br There's scarcity of nct smuts on wattpad so i decided to write some. I'm not sure if this was within the rule limits it's actually my first time on a app like this so I ask you to cut me some slack please. A SEQUEL TO DARK MOVES OF LOVE! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanficRecs/Sing2. From a (small) fanfic writer to another, love ya, and thx for keeping this fandom alive hehe <3. itll be my first time showing you guys any of my actual writing, but here it is! The least s No NSFW! sing 2 ash ash sing nooshy sing 2 nooshy nooshy sing meena sing 2 meena meena drabbles found family cute fluff humor fanfic fanfiction sing fanfiction sing headcanons baby headcanons writing creative writing. When a group of people from a theatre visit Redshore, Y\N knows she's in for the ride of a lifetime summary: johnny tries to risk his life to save jimmy crystal in a fire and ends up in peril on the verge of death. After a huge success of Buster Moon and his cast's performance, they decided to take a break stop and go to the next level. Ash, Meena, and Porsha are very suspicious about Johnny and Nooshy's friendship lately until they found out why Nooshy is wearing an oversized green shirt one morning. Grab this stylish graphic tee and watch the awe-inspiring musical per. Work Search: In the same timeline as the Cadence story, but only features Johnny and Nooshy. - dad, this is ryan, you know him. Before you read this I recommend for you to watch the movie. posting it on tumblr as well as ao3 (archive of our own). Not my image for the cover, but I inserted the words! :). 53 notes Mar 14th, 2022. Please consider turning it on! So I'm writing anot. what do you mean you know?, - i know when i see a bisexual, johnny.. Thank you so much for supporting my work tho. nooshyxjohnny nooshy johnny +4 more # 2 johnny: yeah, being pretty must be tiring. Driven by a desire to be loved, but also unable to understand it, she has to choose between something real, or sacrifice it all for the ultimate "Happily Ever After". - being main performers such a popular, sensational musical is bound to have them be sent hate tweets. The You were a very famous singer in Redshore City, You were the daughter of Jimmy Crystal himself and a sister to Porsha Crystal, You and Porsha were very close as in like Maddie Jackson is a 19 year old girl who moved thought she would never be happy again until Buster Moon an old friend and his group audition to do a musical and end up h ** COMPLETED ** 14.9K 295 7 You were a very famous singer in Redshore City, You were the daughter of Jimmy Crystal himself and a sister to Porsha Crystal, You and Porsha were very close as in like. Sing 2: Johnny Convinces Nooshy He's Legit Dec 21, 2021 Dec 21, 2021 Updated Jan 23, 2022; 0 Clip for 'Sing 2' starring Garth Jennings. Feelings grow, but when they're forced to face them, will the friendship become something more, or fall to pieces? The ever-optimistic koala, Buster Moon, and his cast have big dreams of staging their most dazzling show yet in the glittering entertainment capital of the world, Redshore City. The story of a girl who will tear down her own happiness just to rebuild her dreams from the rubble, she will sacrifice everything to take, and keep, her prince. The story revolves around Porsha, the daughter of the one and only Jimmy Crystal. It's on Netflix. - when theyre really, really bored theyll reply. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. On the road to discovering herself, an old crush is reignited when her high school friend Ash enters too. Reviews of fics are encouraged, but if you do write one, please make it substantive and give specific details about what you liked or disliked about the fic. This book is a collection of oneshots from a variety of animated movies and shows. When Nooshy gets chosen for the main role in a new show (against her will),few things stand in the wayexcept the show a Cinderella remix. Read Johnny (SING 2) x reader part 2 from the story Random x Reader one-shots by Potter_Hanna with 672 reads. So I'm writing some Nooshy X Johnny scenerio. [] Disclaimer, I own none of th Just some random one shots of multiple fandoms (movies, shows, and books). While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. "Yeah?" "Give us a minute. This is a crossover between Porsha Crystal, the wolf from sing 2, and Jango Fett, the bounty hunter from Star wars. 4 pages Completed 3 days ago Ash Sing | Johnny Nooshy Buster Moon Fanfiction for Sing 2. by 00Anime_Weeb00 8K 212 4 - hes scared that he wont be accepting about the whole im bisexual thing and im dating a guy thing. - so sometimes when theyre really bored they scroll through hate/mean tweets and laugh about them. johnny: just shut it and hold my hand, okay? If you want to give a fic a thumbs-up without writing a full review, you can add your troper handle to the Recommendations Line. tw A quick little post canon fanfic, spoilers for sing 2 , tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, No Archive Warnings Apply, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (4), Klaus Mikaelson/Original Character(s) (1), Big Daddy will kill for the entire theatre troop, also looking for a future possibility for bi ryan/raian, I'm trying to make their personalities close to the movie, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Redshore Crime Story: The People v Jimmy Crystal, Song: Death Bed (Coffee for Your Head) (Powfu), Based off of the episode "Add It Up" from Disney's "Shake It Up! || south korean, 16, everything sing. But everyone needs to know this since I d Jimmy Crystal x reader Crystal for a very long time.. but ended up leaving without him knowing. Look for Sing 2 on Digital Now and 3/29 on Blu-ray & DVD! "No, not me," was the response. johnny: look, look, see? if u squint and turn ur phone upside down theres rynny, i have this johnny au thing about him having terminal cancer, depends on how much angst yall can handle. Sadly it's lacking Fanfictions and I got bored finding more. I probably won't have the chance to update until June after that, so :(. Feel free to add a fanfic recommendation of your own to the appropriate list, but remember to use the template found here. jimmy rostia sing +9 more # 6 Life as a Crystal by BubblyHailey22 1.3K 20 2 Little did she know is that this tiger turned out to be a future cast member who got stranded into the past with his crew while on a run from animal hybrid school shooters. I mentioned this in the story as well. She opted to work as Buster Moon's manager in order to achieve her goal. This could be an unforgettable night for everyone, especially Johnny, but not everything went as expected. This is a Sing fanfiction. (Graphic depictions of sex in some chapters - each one has content warning. After the performance, everyone gets a chance to think about what happened, Especially Buster. (apologies in advance for doing this, uh), ill tell everyone about you. For What? All your favorite singing, dancing all-stars from Illumination's Sing return in the definitive fee. Meet Zoey a teenager who only wants to perform. Former Crystal Porsha Moon somehow meets a white tiger with a great voice and an instinct of a wolf and asked him to join the cast for the new show. And the prince will be played by none other than her best friend, Johnny. I can do better; I can add eVErYboDy (well not everybody but mostly everybody). Some chapters may have heavier language, so read at your own risk. After the events of the Gala, the theater group will now face their biggest challenge yet. 2.both are performers and have a passion for it. Just one problem: after pitching an idea for a show with Clay Calloway with no way of knowing where he is, they have. She's been saving all she can, to get her daughter back from her parents. However, some of it is out of order. junho 4, 2022 Por Por. youll live forever, even when youre gone., you make it sound like im some sort of hero., From a headcanon I saw of this couple, credits to @knewyouwereaweirdo <3, Chaotic moments of these two (link here), credits to @knewyouwereaweirdo , I was just bored and drew these doodles ._.XD, His Heart On His Sleeve (Johnny & Buster Hurt/Comfort Fic). how do you do it? Takes place almost immediately after Sing 2. ud835. PS: English is not my native language, so I apologize for any spelling mistakes. I don't know how to draw but still i somehow also do sing but I'll still do go Jetters. Sadly it's lacking Fanfictions and I got bored finding more. leave a prompt / fanfic / fanart request! Previously titled "Our Voices Are Strong" give me your hand. Rosita, Ash, Johnny, Meena and Gunter return with all-new characters, spectacular hit songs and electrifying performances in Sing 2, a comedy about the emotional healing power of music.#Sing2 in Theaters and On Demand now:https://www.singmovie.com Follow Sing: https://www.instagram.com/singmovie https://www.facebook.com/SingMovie https://twitter.com/singmovie https://www.tiktok.com/@singmovie Follow #Illumination: https://www.instagram.com/illuminationenthttps://www.facebook.com/illuminationent https://twitter.com/illumination Chapters are independent of each other and not in any chronological order. Youre the villain of mine.. A successful and beautiful magpie bird, Cadence seems to live the dream. Johnny's mom died due to an illness and the car shop his dad owns wasn't enough to keep up with the payments for her treatment and that's why he turned to bank robbing. He took a few deep breaths, attempting to compose himself before lying back down. Sing | Johnny Nooshy Buster Moon | Fanfiction Summary: Johnny teaches Nooshy to play piano, and because of it, the two are assigned to do a fun new duet for Buster's latest show. have fun! Nooshy convinces Johnny, meena, porsha, and ash to go with her to an abandoned building that is said to be haunted. My original plan was to make this a Multi-Fandoms Imagines book, but after a lot of thought, and ob An alternative ending where Eiji saves Ash at the last minute before bleeding out. In Redshore City, a group of street dancers with a Have you ever wondered how the ninja would be doing in Quarintine? johnny: johnny. Buster and Suki are excited. Sing 2 Johnny x Nooshi oneshot Reads 1.4K Votes 23 Parts 1 Time <5 mins Start reading Fander55 Complete First published Dec 28, 2021 After the show Nooshi and Johnny get closer All Rights Reserved johnny nooshi sing sing2 Table of contents Last updated Dec 28, 2021 Oneshot Get notified when Sign up with Google If you already have an account, Sadly it's lacking Fanfictions and I got bored finding more. nothing much, but I'd be happy if this gets some attention because that means I can fangirl over this ship w y'all. Hey guys! its a one-chapter thing, havent been able to get it out of my head since forever, and now ive finally written it. johnny: *flushes red and pouts* i hate you. trash posts, trash headcanons, trash fics, and trash artmostly content that you never really asked for, but then i give it to you anyways. (Graphic depictions of sex in. - out of curiosity he decides to go through ryans selection of music when he finds a playlist titled with johnnys name.
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